About Tatatoon

I have been a musician for years in Japan and Uk. Although Music itself is invisible,for each songs, I always had very clear visual images, shapes, colours, sometimes tribes who live in the song etc.

On the other hand, I have been customizing my clothes all the time. 

Now the images and feelings I've got through my life as a musician and my customizing clothes came across naturally,and so that Tatatoon has come out.

I have strong interests in Japanese     traditional cultures, also I have encountered variety of different cultures through music. now everything become as one.Through Tatatoon, I would like to find         new status of the spirit of

              21centuries with you.   

                       Geki J Lemon

     The meaning of Tatatoon

"Ta" may mean "Thank you"

"Tata" may mean "Good bye"

"Toon" came from "Tune"

        so, Tatatoon means


"Thank you and Goodbye Music"

I won't stop being a musician, but

Now I want to say a GoodBye to

My life with only music,

a crazy amazing life with no destination.

                           Geki J Lemon